Ash Scientific Ltd is setup to provide the latest novel analytical instrumentation for chemical and biological analysis so that our customers find solutions to their needs efficiently and in real time.


Ash Scientific Ltd are Exclusive distributors for Excellims Corporation for UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Excellims Corporation are world leaders in Ion Mobility Spectrometry Technology and their instruments are based on their core technology of HIGH PERFORMANCE ION MOBILITY SPECTROMETRY (HPIMSTM) and HPIMS-MS. The HPIMS technology offers simultaneous detection and separation so that you can carry out molecular identification very fast in real time and in any state from solid, liquid and gas phase. The HPIMS-MS technology also offers the additional benefit of carrying out two dimensional separation on HPLC and HPIMS so that you can speed up your method development and also separate isomeric compounds leading to complementary technologies of HPLC and HPIMS.

Ash Scientific Ltd are  Agents for Brimrose Corporation of America for UK and Ireland. Brimrose have developed unique solutions utilizing Acousto-optic Tunalble Filters (AOTF) for applications for the industrial and military use. With over 30 years of strong global presence and experience in industrial cooperation, Brimrose has become the premier customer-driven manufacturer and provider of AOTF NIR Analyzers.


Ash Scientific are Exclusiive Distributors for Block Engineering LLC for UKIrelandSwedenNorway and Denmark. Since 1956, Block Engineering have been developing and selling high performance FTIR spectrometers to miltary, government and commercial and indutsrial customers. In 2004 Block leveraged its expertise in spectroscopy to develop next generation Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL FTIR)  spectrometers and low cost, minaturized MEMS-based FTIRs.

Service & Support provided by Ash Scientific Ltd.


Ash Scientific Ltd is committed to be providing the best possible sales and service for its customer base. Ash Scientific Ltd will install and provide training for instruments sold within the region and also in addition can offer service plans and support (training) tailored to individual customer needs.


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The products provided by us offers users a unique advantages over traditional analytical techniques and I hope that through our website we can start to inform you of the applications and use of QCL FTIR, HPIMS and AOTF NIR technology.