Few of the Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology

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Few of the Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology

Over the past couple of years, pest control has moved from a luxury to a well-needed necessity. Industrial growth and various other segments have played a crucial role in expanding demand and making way for better solutions. As a result, numerous methods emerged in the sector, which has also proven to be beneficial. But in recent times, a different aspect is being added to the list. That very aspect is called innovation and has taken the entire industry to another level. So to shed more light on the same, here are a few of the latest innovations in Pest Control technology.

1. Non-toxic heat treatments

Up to a certain point, pest control was carried on the basis of toxic chemicals and various other harmful objects. While the inclusion of heat in pest control was added later, things reached a gruesome point with toxic chemicals. So to avoid all that, the latest addition to the wagon seems to be non-toxic heat treatments. Thanks to the extent of research, people have identified the negative effects behind insects thriving in the heat.  So with non-toxic heat treatment, one can avoid the development of an insect’s resilience to spray chemicals that can later be passed on to future offspring through genes.

Heat treatments

2. The Internet of Things (loT)

The Internet of Things (loT) continues to dominate various aspects of innovations despite the introduction of other concepts. The interconnection of computing devices and machines with people through the internet has been tagged as one force that may be around for quite some time. As a result, pest control has also shown its interest in the field through the automation of pest observation. Traps and devices that have monitoring capabilities like AIM(Automated Insect Monitoring) devices, pheromone dispensers with sensors and other such things have emerged to make matters interesting. The utilization of these devices has brought about different kinds of benefits that have been categorized as the benchmark of innovation.

3. The Concept of Decorative Fly Lights

Fly Lights are not new to the world since it was well-known for various aspects of management, innovation, and so on. But pest control brought about a different technique to the process. With a new design and style, decorative fly lights turned out to be a big hit. Anyone can implement the same to their home without compromising interiors or the aesthetic appeal. The specifications of the light move ahead to be useful for pest control as it manages to drive pests away. By replacing substandard ones with fly lights, this technology is simple and innovative. Hence, that sums up our list of all that is going to change in the world of pest control technology.

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